Money and the Last Days

Overpopulation is a revile on the earth, however a gift for business. One needs to tune in to the government officials to comprehend why they need more movement into a nation like Australia, which appears to be swarmed and very finished estimated. A skyscraper flat in Sydney is presently worth more than a ch√Ęteau or estate in nations in Europe. The German Chancellor saw expanded movement as an answer for her nation’s decrease in working age individuals and it began the immense race into Europe by Muslims.

On account of cash individuals put intensely in houses in capital urban areas in Australia driving their costs up by the lack it has made. The outcome is there are presently a huge number of discharge homes held by financial specialists (for the most part from abroad) while thousands live in the city unfit to bear the cost of the excessive rents.

An agent was met by the media as of late in his tent out of a neighborhood stop. It appears that even one’s pay can’t ensure a home. Not very far in the past houses sold for $500 in rural areas where they now bring upwards of a million. All that in my grown-up life.

Cash and covetousness is murdering the earth and individuals are presently so got in the winding of riches versus rationale that there can be no ceasing it. It’s a thruway to paradise for some yet what’s the result for the rest. On the opposite side of the coin destitution is expanding, starvation is developing, infections are increasing, wars are occurring, and environmental change is obliterating the world.

One of the real things in my vision of the world needs to do with my rebirth and an inclination that all who have lived are presently back. As it were, there is no paradise or hellfire yet a Spirit God that fills all of room and that is additionally responsible for human conduct. It’s the main sensible conclusion for why eagerness and riches have such unmistakable parts in what are turning out to be the latest days.

Why Money Depletes Resources

For a huge number of years stores inside the earth came about because of the demise of old timberlands, the development of land, and the moving of seas. A little bit at a time, layer after layer, plants, creatures, and minerals have been situated to frame our reality. Presently, after just 200 or so years of industrialism it is being reshaped and drained until the point that it faces passing through covetousness, over development of the dirt, extraction of assets, and the pumping of petroleum derivative gasses into the environment.

In the event that you were God what might you say to people remaining before you and anticipating your judgment? Would you inquire as to why metals are more vital than breathing, or why power separated from coal is more vital than sustenance? Maybe you may inquire as to why such a large number of abhor their grandchildren and the future that could have been however will never be on the grounds that this age couldn’t have cared less.

One thing rules over the man-made universe of annihilation – Money. In the event that you were addressed by god, what might you say consequently? Maybe you would answer that without cash you couldn’t make due in a world that is subject to it. You may state that the sustenance in the wildernesses you are chopping down isn’t sufficient for your taste. On the other hand you may contend that you require the power to see and the coal to keep warm.

Yet, imagine a scenario in which God advises you that cash has just been around for a long time and that exchange and business are the aftereffect of the second brute of Revelation, who is Constantine. You may then discover that it was he who concocted the Catholic Church, Jesus Christ, and the financial framework; that it was he who blinded and stunned you to the certainties since he constrained everybody to venerate his divine beings.

Here and there we have to think about these past occasions to comprehend where we are and why we are here. For my situation I have favorable position as a result of memory of rebirth and learning that we have all lived previously. That wipes out the religious conviction of paradise and heck, and in addition fiend, heavenly attendants, and holy people.

The soul lives past the grave and is reawakened approximately 7 times, as indicated by Job 5:19-22. We are informed that in the most recent days the graves will surrender their dead in Isaiah 26:19. We are additionally told in Isaiah 45:4-8 that there is just a single God and nothing or nobody else. That implies the Trinity, which was presented by Constantine, does not exist.

At that point what are we doing here and what is life about? For what reason do we endure and lose friends and family? Why are things so difficult to do and some of the time appear to be unimaginable? For what reason would it be advisable for us to endeavor to be fruitful?

The appropriate responses are in the book of scriptures and there is one in predictions are the clarifications. A gathering called the Children of Israel are put through the flames of refinement to create flawlessness toward the day’s end. That time is currently and they are blooming with profound blessings that incorporate phenomenal healings and peace past knowing.

There is no judgment of anybody since we have all done what was expected of us. Just the otherworldly individuals are intended to survive the demolition that is coming and just God knows their identity.

While the rest keep on using cash to exhaust assets, contaminate nature, make wars, and cause hardship for some, they resemble the dirt in which God’s plants have developed.

Money and Power

On the off chance that anybody needs to know why cash was developed they have to take a gander at the power that it creates. Politically it is the backbone of governments while religiously it has developed divine beings and made their associations irreplaceable. So where does it fit into the plan of human conduct and why is it at the foundation of the World Order? One could may expect that an option that is other than a designed ware would fit that part so for what reason isn’t that right?

At the point when people took to an inactive life and surrendered meandering the backwoods and taking their nourishment from the land, as God initially planned, they had sufficient energy to consider different things. In the statements of their living territories excavator have revealed stories of their advancement from what may be named crude living to the more modern exchange arrangements and trade of products.

Different things manifest too and boss among them is the religious side of life and the hallowed locales where they engraved their emotions and convictions on things in fine art. After some time the pictures turned out to be always similar and their implications clearer. It was there where my examination found the power.

It started things out as a trade amongst mankind and the Sun-God. This unmistakable giving of life for success pervades the antiquated world and puzzling destinations, similar to Stonehenge in England, or the sanctuaries of the Maya in Mexico. They remain as posts of energy holding a code inside that is just now interpretable.

My rebirth and proof that there is no paradise or damnation is behind my capacity to take a gander at these destinations from an alternate point of view and without the religious predisposition to better comprehend their significance. The people of old were frantic to speak with the sun and they worked out approaches. One path was to send a man up riding the cross as a kite to mate with the Mother God. This is appeared in shake workmanship in Nordic locales, for example, Ostergotland (star of god’s property).

Scattered light makes rings of seven hues, the same as the rainbow, and the number for ‘her’ is ‘seven’. The man is number 8 and increased together 7×8 is 56, the quantity of openings in the external hover of Stonehenge. Both these numbers are connected to antiquated convictions that extend into present day religious practices.

There are 7 candles on the holy place of Christian houses of worship, and 7 lights in the typical Jewish menorah, et cetera. There are additionally 7 days of the week and 3×7 is 21, another supernatural number. The 3 speaks to the antiquated trinity of Mother God, sun and light.

Stonehenge shows the act of trading god-men on crosses for fruitfulness of the earth. The center of the site is the stallion shoe shape encased by the trilithons, made of 2 upright stones with a top supporting them are the best. The ‘steed’ includes conspicuously in antiquated ceremonies and the white steed was carved out of the fundamental chalk in a few places in both Britain and Europe.

In time the utilization of circles as an image of trade offered ascend to the coins that were engraved with the lord’s head since he was evidently the one wedded to the sun. The enchantment of giving over his picture in return for products grabbed hold and offered ascend to the money related framework. It was improved by Constantine, who built up the Catholic Church in the year 325. He is additionally the person who sorted out the arrangement of business that is still in play.

The hover with cross image is found in and around numerous locales on each possessed mainland and the principal coins were of a similar image. Later the ruler’s head was put inside the hover to recommend he is the thing that is the representation of the trade. It gave additional influence to the cash, while that term originates from ‘moni’ or ‘man in the eye.’

Norma Holt has memory of her rebirth and realizes that resurrection is truth and that everybody who has lived is back. They are swinging to the Mountain of God which is the Internet for answers.